“I’ve been getting guidance from Amee for a little over a year. In that time, Amee and I have worked together to develop strategies for overcoming stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and debilitating behaviors associated with ADD. Using these strategies, I have seen marked improvements in my professional life, my marriage, and my overall self-esteem- I’ve even started grad school!  Amee has a caring and gentle attitude, but she also has real skill in providing perspective and asking questions that get to the root of the matter. I never feel I’m “being told” how to deal with a certain issue; rather, we work together to discover solutions using my strengths that I can apply in other aspects of my life as well.”

Drew- Memphis, TN

“My experience with Amee’ has been so helpful. A session with her always leaves me feeling more peaceful and I have more clarity about the direction my life is going or the decisions that I need to make to get me where I want to go. Often times it’s with anxiety over life decisions that she is most helpful. She has a way of re-framing the situation or breaking the situation down into parts to help me figure out why I am feeling what I’m feeling and how best to respond to those feelings or to the situation at hand. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling “stuck” or just overwhelmed with life!”
H.L. – Brandon, MS

I started working with Amee a few months after I started my own business and began working from home. The freedom that came with being my own boss was a double-edged sword. While I was excited about my work, I was struggling to balance everything that came with the change. Amee has helped me develop professional and personal strategies that are tailored to my situation and my strengths. I’d recommend her to anyone who has ever looked back at the last week of their life and wondered where the time went.

Whether you want to be more productive at work or school, improve your work-life balance, pursue a new direction entirely, or if you just feel utterly overwhelmed with the stuff on your plate- call Amee.

Sometimes you need an extra brain to come up with solutions, and Amee’s a pro at being that extra brain.

-Alex Pickle