Welcome to HyperFocus Solutions

From the time we are young, we are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer used to always be “a lawyer!!” (If you know me well, you will understand how hilarious this is)

I think a better question is:

“What do you want to add to the world?”

Our history is made up of thousands of true stories of inventors, scientists, writers, musicians, artists, computer programmers, doctors, educators, soldiers and crusaders for human and animal rights. As we read these stories, we see how our world changed, grew and was made better. Even in the stories that aren’t so positive, we can see the miraculous ways people came together to help each other survive. Although we may not know their stories (unless they have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat), we are surrounded by people who are work hard everyday to use their focus, interests, skills and gifts to make the lives of others and our environments better.

Adding something wonderful to this life is not always an easy task. At times, it feels completely impossible! I am here to be the voice that tells you:


What can I help you add?